Introduction to Jasmine Ibarra

Jasmine Ibarra

Monarch & Pollinator Intern

Hi there!

My name is Jasmine and I am a Monarch & Pollinator Research and Education-Outreach intern at Richardson Bay Audubon through Environment for the Americas. Through this position, I will participate in monitoring and conducting habitat assessments for monarch butterflies. Additionally, I will be designing and facilitating outreach and education programs that foster awareness of monarchs, pollinators, and migratory species to the public. I am eager to learn more about these fascinating creatures and sharing my knowledge across differing communities.

I recently completed my second year at Cal Poly Humboldt and will be continuing in the fall for my third year. I am majoring in Environmental Science and Management with a concentration in Planning and Policy and minoring in Ethnic Studies. I plan on using my degree to assess methods of improving and protecting the health of both people and the environment. I recently joined the Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) committee at Cal Poly Humboldt where I focus on exploring the interconnectedness of social justice and environmental justice. In my free time, I enjoy hiking, playing cozy games, and birding.

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