Remote Work with the U.S. Forest Service

As an Assistant Planner with the U.S. Forest Service’s Pacific Planning Service Group, I have the luxury of being a fully remote worker. This gives me the flexibility to be able to work from home. Although I sometimes miss being out in the field, I live in a great city that allows me to participate in various outdoor fun! I also have a great team who I virtually engage with often.
I am located in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, meaning I can visit the beach, snow, mountains, desert, lakes, forests, and more within a few hours. There are 18 National Forests and 9 National Parks within the state! And all the extra time and money I save from not commuting means I can travel more. A few memorable trips include Yosemite National Park, Big Sur, Redwood State Parks, Monterey Bay, Morro Bay, and Lake Tahoe.
I look forward to a trip soon with my brother to Lassen National Park and the Shasta-Trinity National Forest in Northern California.

In addition to personal travel, I will also get to travel for work! I am helping coordinate Federal Advisory Committee (FAC) meetings for the Northwest Forest Plan. I get to attend these meetings all over the Pacific Northwest (PNW). I am really excited to meet my team and the FAC members in person and experience the forest planning process. I also have never been to Oregon before, so I look forward to visiting for one of the meetings.
The map below shows the Northwest Forest Plan (NWFP) area, which includes over 24.5 million acres of federally-managed lands. There are also over 80 affected tribes in the NWFP area. That is why it is vital for this FAC, comprised of experts, community members, and tribal leaders, to come together and create recommendations for the most effective, sustainable, and respectful management of this land.

Northwest Forest Plan area
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