What I Have Learned So Far!

Things I have learned so far!

I have been working with coordinators and volunteers from the Plover Project. The Plover Project is a non-profit organization that protects and spreads awareness about the federally endangered Piping Plovers.

During the first month after the hatching of the plovers, not only can they not fly, but the hatchlings must source food and take care of themselves. These shorebirds nest and feed along the coastal sands.

We worked along The People’s Beach at Jacob Riis Park, a famous recreational beach and a nesting site for Piping Plovers. We closed off parts of the beaches where the plovers nested to protect these small birds and their eggs. 

Credit: Casey F 06/04/23

There are fewer than six thousand Piping Plovers left in the world. These birds are victims to habitat loss which include shoreline development, climate change, pollution, disturbance and predation.

Human disturbances like recreation pressure play a significant role in the decline of the plovers.

Because they are ground nesting birds, their nest is open to predators and humans.

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