Finding Community

Rocky has many supportive and wonderful people on the team, and I have been fortunate to learn from people here. There is a program at Rocky called the Diversity Internship Program (DIP), which I have been grateful to participate in this summer. In this program, fellow interns and I get to participate in different events that provide different resources, build community, and promote diversity and inclusion within the National Park Service. 

Having conversations in the Interpretation and Outreach team about challenges people can face in the field is extremely valuable. Hearing others’ experiences, joys, challenges, and why they wanted to become park rangers is inspiring. It helps me reflect more on what I would like to do long term as a career.

The DIP goes to the West side to help with the Dragonfly Mercury Project
The moon through a telescope during an astronomy program with EVICS
First Junior Angler program with EVICS at Lake Estes




The DIP also got to take part in the Denver Pride Parade. NPS and US Fish and Wildlife marched in the parade which was a wonderful experience.

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