An amazing work staff!

I would like to introduce you to Jeff Darren Muse, a historical interpreter and park ranger from Bandelier National Monument.

His passion for his work and his love for explaining to each visitor about the environment and this protected area stand out tremendously. Jeff believes that visitors deserve the best service and adventure, regardless of sexual orientation, nationality, or people’s language, even despite overwhelming personal situations. His kindness always stands out in his work. In addition, apart from being a good park ranger, he is also an excellent housemate since I have the honor of sharing this space with him, which has been great because the long conversations full of anecdotes and advice have been present.

Jeff Darren Muse is an excellent writer, you can read his adventures and experiences on the web!

The beauty of participating in these programs is always the collection of experiences throughout the period, and the great teachings by people with more experience, such is the case of my partner Jeff.

We keep learning! 😉

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