Visit to the Sabana Field Research Station in Luquillo, PR

Each month, the International Institute of Tropical Forestry (IITF) hosts an all-hands meeting with their staff, called their Family Meetings. In these typically 2-hour meetings, various staff members offer important messages, trainings and resources. In May, the meeting was hosted by the Sabana Research Station in Luquillo, and the IITF took us to the station. It felt like a school trip, with my fellow RAP interns and other coworkers from the Institute. Once in the station, we got to meet the scientists, technicians and other interns that make up their staff. We received presentations from each staff member on their duties and learned about the various research projects conducted in the area. For me, the most interesting presentation was the one on the TRACE project by Dr. Tana Wood. This is a warming experiment conducted in the Luquillo experimental forest. TRACE is currently the only experiment in the world studying the interactive processes between climate change and hurricane disturbance on tropical forests ( As someone with a mostly in-office position, it was really fun and interesting to meet these scientists and technicians and hear about their day-to-day activities in the field.

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