Happenings At the Hub!

My first few weeks at the Northeast Climate Hub have been enlightening! I’ve learned so much already about many of the hub’s different projects, with topics ranging from wood vaults for carbon mitigation to shallow wells in Maine to the Tribal Soil Climate Analysis Network. I’ve already gotten the chance to meet most of the hub’s employees as well as some affiliates of the hub, many of whom have already expressed excitement that I’m here. It’s a very welcoming environment, even if only felt through Microsoft Teams (I am remote). I’m in the early stages of my first project, which is focused on biochar in the Northeast region. Biochar is a soil amendment produced from slash, and I’ll be looking at where it’s being produced, what farms are using it and why, and where workshops are being held. The resulting product will be a story map, and I’ll get to put my GIS degree to work and make a few interactive maps. I’m super excited to work more on this!

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