Socializing is the Best Type of Medicine for Extroverts!

I have lots of amazing experiences and opportunities this summer at Lewis and Clark National Historical Park! Although everything has been my favorite part this summer, I will highlight the Staff and Visitor interactions as the top. It has been amazing thus far working with incredibly talented Rangers and Volunteers. Everyone is so involved in the daily operations. The Visitor Center Rangers are professionals when it comes to being frontline visitor interactions. They have been very helpful in helping me develop my own Birding Hike. The Volunteers have provided much of their knowledge when it comes to visitors. Many of them have worked many years in Astoria and others have traveled to various parks and have experienced much of everything. 

Getting the opportunity to present my Birding Hike to visitors has definitely allowed me to have positive interactions. Visitors have always been interested in learning about birds or just tagging along. On occasions, I do get visitors who are active birders to join my walk. These visitors are always happy to share their knowledge with me, which I am grateful for. Birding is still a new skill of mine, and their knowledge is extremely valuable. Every day I get to meet people of different ages, knowledge, ethnicity, etc. Every time I am amazed by how many visitors come from different states and countries to visit National Parks.

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