What am I up to now?

Welcome back to my blog series at gateway national recreational area!

I have been shadowing and assisting a few programs this week! So far I have been a part of two fishing clinics and a birding program/nature drawing program.

For Father’s Day, the National Parks Service and Jamaica Bay-Rockaway Parks Conservancy hosted the Father’s Day Fishing Clinic at Canarsie Pier! Interns from Leave no Trace and I worked together to welcome and educate families on fishing, preservation, littering and ethics!

Check out this picture of family that caught a puffer fish! Don’t worry! It was released safely back into the water shortly after this photo was taken :)

I assisted Ranger Joelle on a birding program with Girl Scouts! We walked the west loop trail at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. We saw some beautiful plants along the walk!

After the birding program, I assisted Ranger Kevin with his Nature Drawing program! Though I was having too much fun creating art with the visitors and forgot to take more pictures, I took a picture of the set up I did before the visitors arrived.

Recently I have been doing research on Ospreys because next month I will be hosting my own program on the Ospreys that take residence at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge. In the next post I will definitely include more information about it :). Till next time!

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