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I have successfully completed my first month working with the USFS. In my new position, I work for, the go-to site for booking campsites, activity passes, and more. While maintaining the public-facing site, a captivating interplay of interagency workings exists behind the scenes.
Navigating the intricate web of the system’s nuances has been a challenging yet rewarding process for me. Although I have been working virtually, I’ve had the privilege to actively explore and assess the essential tools within These tools are relied upon daily by facility managers and concessionaires nationwide. One of the most exciting parts of my job is the daily strategy meetings with my team and connecting with people facing challenges with the website.
From this, my first project was developed to improve the training resources available to users on the facility side. While learning the system and studying these training resources, I have identified challenges that other users might be facing and reported them. With this first project, I hope to improve the accessibility and usability of these training resources for the website.

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