New Mexico Spotlight Blog!

Hey everyone, I realized recently that my New Mexico tripped may have been missed in my blogging!

There is so much to say about beautiful New Mexico! I tried chilies for the first time (go green). Another experience I had was being able to smell the bark of ponderosa pine, which smells like vanilla (or butterscotch!) for those who don’t know. I met with staff to showcase my fieldwork here in Michigan, most of whom I have only met via teams. Jack and Anita were fantastic hosts who made the most of my time in New Mexico. My knowledge was improved by showing me the variety of habitats the Southwestern region offers.

I never knew what riparian areas would look like in the southwest or the diversity they held. The hike to Jemez Falls was beautiful and smelled like pine. The elevation was the highest I have ever been at 10,700 feet at the top of the San Dias! My mentors engaged me to make the Life Zone tour my own, and we saved many points for possible use later. Once back in the office, we had to debate the merits of each to decide which ones to keep. I would also like to say that the food was excellent and I still think about it. The food at the Indian Pueblo Kitchen was to die for! Until my next post featuring Minnesota, enjoy a few more pictures I took in New Mexico!

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