The Summer Heats Up!

Hi again everyone! Joey Garcia reporting in once again! This warm weather has me excited for more things to come as I hit 6 months as an RA here in about a week! With that comes the amazing direct hire that one of many rewards for being a part of this amazing program. This also means my work is reaching another busy period for the next 3 weeks or so. The climate RAs will be traveling to Duluth, Minnesota next week to get some boots on the ground looks into climate change issues. The week after that I am lucky enough to be taking a chainsaw course through the forest service to get certified on a chainsaw. The day after my saw course ends, I actually get to go attend a class for my masters degree for 9 days learning all about forestry and forest measurements. This week I was featured as part of Latinx Conservation Week. This fills me with pride that I was selected to represent a small part of an amazing week throughout the forest service. I am truly honored that the Region 3 powers that be picked me to be featured.

Stayed tuned for more from me coming later as I travel to Arizona next month, and Minnesota next week.

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