Lots of Planting!

Planting Hundreds of plants!

Working at the Morton Freshman Center Monarch Garden has been a great experience! As I’m nearing the end of my internship- being a youth leader to current students- I couldn’t be prouder of how the garden has turned out! We have planted hundreds of plants, and the garden looks fantastic! This garden will be colorful once the plants bloom. It’s great knowing that all of our hard work has paid off! Although, we’re still in progress…


At the beginning of the garden program, my teacher- Mr. O’Toole, ordered thousands of plants. We have been receiving a few weekly ever since June. We aimed to get them all on the ground before the program ended! Now that we are nearing the end, we are getting more plants daily to meet our goal! We are trying to plant up to 20 trays a day. The trays contain around 50 plants each. This is obviously a challenging task, but with the help of all the students, we know we can do it! It took a whole lot of teamwork to get all 20 trays planted. People were popping out plants, others were planting, and we even had some getting mulch for everyone to use! We had it all done within 2 hours! 

The image to the left shows how the plants look inside their tray, while the image to the right shows how the plants look when they’re popped out!

Although, throughout this process, we have noticed that many plants wouldn’t grow inside the trays. Because of this, we decided to try transplanting the plants! This is a new task for us, and I can’t wait to see how these plants will turn out. I hope they start growing just like the rest of them! 

With all our hard-working students, I know we can plant all the plants by the end of the program! I can’t wait to see how this garden will turn out:) 

This shows the process of transplanting!
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