Meeting the rest of the crew!

A few weeks ago I was finally able to meet all the other interns and see what everyone was up to. We had a trip planned where we would all meet up and head to Leavenworth for a retreat! We ended up staying at the Sleeping Lady Inn. These were cabins that made up little complexes around a forested area which was perfect for birding. We had itineraries and little trips to get to know each other and have fun! Here is a in depth rundown with pictures on how it all went!

Here is a picture from a hiking trail of what I think is the Cobalt Milkweed Beetle.

This is a picture of a butterfly we spotted along the trail as well. It let us get really close and then we noticed that a big piece of its wings were missing.

Here is the best picture from the middle of the Hike. We were able to see all of Leavenworth from up here and it was a beautiful view.

Here is the group picture we took at the end of the trail. Starting in the back row was Mee-Ya, Sam, Suzena, Izaiah (Me), Laura, Acency, Liz, then Jena, Kenia, and Ricardo.

Here was the day we went fly fishing! In the far left picture is Suzena, and continuing on it went Kenia, Sam, Laura, Jena, Liz, Ricardo, and Mee-Ya!

Here was one of the mornings we all went birding. On this morning we saw a lot of American Robins, Violet-Green Swallows, Eurasian Collared-Doves, and Black-capped Chickadees!

Overall we had a great time at the retreat. I enjoyed being able to finally meet my fellow interns and see what everyone was up to. I had such a fun time getting to know everyone and we shared some pretty good memories while we were in Leavenworth. 

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