Down in Bend!

Hello everyone! Just last week I spent a lot of my time down in Bend, Oregon! While I was down there I worked on steam restoration on the Whychus Creek, got to stop and take some pictures of Mt. Hood on the way, and helped with some public outreach over at the high desert museum. Afterwards I was able to explore the museum and got some great pictures. The museum did a great job of making you feel as if you were within the 1800s!

Here are the pictures from the steam restoration. On the left and middle are pictures of the river bed after we drained it. Usually the water is filled and flowing across all of the rocks within this area. In the picture on the far right is where the water was going. We pumped the water out through the bypass channel that sent the water downstream to another section of the river that we weren’t working on.

Here are some pictures from the High Desert Museum. Both of these pictures are depicting what it was like within the gold mines during the 1800s. The lighting in here looks good thanks to my camera, but in the second picture the lighting is more accurate. The mines going through them felt dark, but just light enough to where you could see and I had never experienced something like that.

This is a picture of what the living conditions were like for people within the late 1800s. When I was looking around, I thought those beds did not look comfortable at all! The amount of room people had to move around or relax was surprising because if I had to live this close to everyone, I think I would be upset almost every day!

I took a few photos of the animals I saw at the Museum. On the left is the Barred Owl. At first it was hard to spot because it was blending in with the background and the lighting was pretty dim within the enclosure. In the middle was a porcupine. It had just come out from behind that tree within the picture and grabbed some food off of the rock it was on. It was really cute to watch. Finally, on the right is a bobcat. It was out playing and licking on that big chunk of ice there. I cannot blame it for this because it was a hot day and it seemed to be having a lot of fun.

Other than that, I had a great time in Bend being able to work on the Whychus Creek with co-workers from a different office and being able to go to the High Desert Museum to work with people from my office. Both experiences were wonderful and Bend as a whole is a modern little town with a bunch to do in terms of sights to see and areas to hike, river raft, or stop and grab a drink at all the breweries!

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