Goodbye Natchitoches, LA-Blanca Trujillo

Hello from Natchitoches,

This summer was filled with a lot of learning experiences. I have appreciated learning about the history of the Cane River region. Louisiana is a state filled with a lot of history and culture, which I plan to continue learning about in the future. I have enjoyed learning about this region’s people and the town’s architecture, as well as trying new foods for the first time (I will miss this dearly). I highly recommend that anyone visit Louisiana to learn about its history, immerse themselves in this region’s cultures, and enjoy this state’s natural resources. 

Creating a new birding program for CARI has been one of the highlights of my summer. I could dig into my creative side to develop resources and lead birding workshops. I have also enjoyed discussing birds with my co-workers and will miss playing “bird of the day” with them.

I will also miss all the Fish and Feathers interns I met in Colorado (That was a fun and memorable week). It was nice to meet people with similar goals, great character, and a great sense of humor!

I am grateful to Environment for the Americas for sending me here and providing an experience I will never forget. I enjoyed meeting people, creating a birding program, and learning the history of the Cane River Region.

Goodbye from Natchitoches, LA

-Blanca Trujillo

Feather Diversity Bird Booth at the Community Center
Bird of the Day Game
Bird Vocalization Birding Workshop
CARI Juneteenth Booth
Birding 101 Workshop
Bermuda Bridge of Cane River- In the past, the Cane River was used for trade and travel, but today it is mainly used for recreational purposes such as fishing and swimming.
Fish and Feathers 2023 Colorado-Wow
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