Climate Change Training Up North

Wisconsin Point and Northern Minnesota

This July I attended a climate change training in Northern Wisconsin and Minnesota hosted by the Forest Service for a select few resource assistants. I found it very informative and challenged me to think about the factors that contribute and affect climate change in a different way. I especially enjoyed listing to the presentation on fire history and cultural burning project. I found it very refreshing to be in a different forest type, especially in the peatlands. There is a lot of breakthrough, experimental forests up North. The S.P.R.U.C.E project was also fascinating! It is a long-term experiment looking at the effects of climate change on the environment in various levels and they are able to quantify the carbon emissions. I was interesting to see what the vegetation would look like if the carbon emissions and temperature continue to increase. Unfortunately, the vegetation did not respond well and there was a huge loss of carbon into the atmosphere.

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