The Beginning

Hi, Lan here! It’s hard to pick what to write about. I feel like there’s so many little details I could mention. I moved to North Carolina for the first time, and it is so beautiful here. I can feel the sea breeze as soon as I step outside, the sun has been out every day, and the town here is so calm. I recently started this position a few weeks ago, so I’ve been attending meetings, trainings, and signing paperwork to get caught up with everyone. It’s been a process. At orientation when they said that the Help Desk would be your best friend, they truly meant it!

I have been initiated into the Disaster Assessment and Recovery Team, and I’ve been making maps on ArcGIS Pro since then. My mentor has been patient and shown support for me in every step. We are currently working on gathering and reorganizing data for quicker accessibility in case of a future disaster where an emergency team can access the data when the GIS specialist is not on site for whatever reason. This action would decrease wait time and increases relief times! It’s critical, especially during a disaster. Every second counts. It’s exciting to be on a project as important as this. The one big thing I’ve learned from the three weeks that I have been here is that it’s ok to ask for help. This team is reassuring and understanding of the terms of the internship, that I’m here to grow and learn before hopefully obtaining a permanent position. Well, until next time, don’t hesitate to ask for help!

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