My Experience at American Memorial Park

This summer was my first time being an intern for the Fish and Feathers program and Environment for the Americas, and it has been amazing! I feel like I have grown so much personally and professionally within the span of just three months. I will miss fishing and birding with the youth of my community and the excellent staff at American Memorial Park!

Below are some highlights of my experience!

A week full of birding with 4H Marianas!
As you can probably already tell, I was super happy (:

This is from the latest talaya (cast net) fishing clinic! Participants got to learn how to tie their talaya nets, and then we got to practice releasing them. It was so much fun!

Outreach booths!
More outreach!

These photos are from my first rod and reel fishing clinic. The image on the left is during the award ceremony and the photo on the right is me helping a participant create his liter line. 

There is still so much more to highlight but then this blog would go on forever. This has truly been an amazing opportunity and the most impactful summer yet! 

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