Biochar & Telework!

Hello all! It’s been an exciting month or so of being an EFTA and USFS intern— I’ve met so many people, learned so much about biochar, and the remote aspect of my position has allowed me to hop around a bit (the featured photo has nothing to do with the job, but because I’m remote I was able to visit family in the Puget Sound— here’s a photo of Beckett Point, WA!). 

As for updates on my biochar project, I’ve been collaborating with people associated with the USDA Natural Resources Conversation Service and the University of Maine to chat with farmers and biochar production facilities in the Northeast Region. We’ve learned quite a bit about different production and application methods of biochar on small farms, and it’s super cool to be dig deep into a topic that I knew nothing about before becoming an intern at the NE climate hub. I’m eager to continue working on my maps!

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