Volunteer and Services Program

My second month as a volunteer and services resource assistant has been great! Although I’m not in the field, I still have a great view from my home office and some work buddies to keep me company. This month has consisted of much learning, research, and meetings. I spent a lot of time researching and creating resources to help out different Forest Service programs such as VetsWorks and Indian Youth Service Corps. My supervisor and I have been working on creating an Eastern Region Volunteer and Service Program SharePoint site. Hence, there is a centralized resource with all program information for Forest Service employees. This project has been my main focus this month, and creating it has involved a lot of research and learning. Another ongoing project I’ve been working on is creating an Eastern Region Grant Calendar that will make it easy for Forest Service employees and partners to find grants they can apply for. I’ve also had many meetings in which I learned a lot about my program area and met many great people involved in the programs. My supervisor is currently away on a fire detail, so I’ve been keeping myself busy by training and continuing to learn about the volunteer and services program. I’m enjoying my time working as a resource assistant and excited for what’s to come! 

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