My Visit to the Office

Last week I decided to take a break from the remote lifestyle and visit my local National Forest Office, the Daniel Boone. Although my internship is a part of the Washington Office, the Daniel Boone office is conveniently about 25 minutes away. I was able to coordinate my visit with the head of Public Affairs, who connected me with fellow interns doing their work onsite at the office. The Daniel Boone office has a Resource Assistant from Cohort 7 and an intern in the Pathways program. They were nice enough to meet me in the morning and allow me to shadow them for the day. It just so happened that I chose to visit on the day that the Regional Forester was visiting, and so everyone was dressed in their finest uniform and I got to meet a lot of employees who would not have typically been in the office. Everyone was super friendly and welcoming, an ongoing trend that I have observed within the Forest Service. 


The interns that I shadowed are both working as Volunteer Coordinators, who connect with members of the community to complete projects throughout the forest. They spend majority of their time at their desk, so we did relate on that. Unfortunately I had to leave for an online training I am taking before the Regional Forester arrived, but I am looking forward to keeping in touch with those that I met at the office and attending any future events they may need assistance with. 

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