Summarizing my Experience – Ascensy Perez

Welcome back to my blog everyone! It is almost the end of my time here at Cape Perpetua, and I couldn’t be more grateful for my experience! The last 4 months have been insightful, challenging, and highly rewarding, making summarizing it all quite difficult –  but that won’t stop me from trying!

At the beginning of my internship, I had fully expected to only dedicate my time and effort towards developing one program linking the Keep it Crumb Clean campaign with Marbled Murrelet conservation. However, 4 months into my season, I have actually created 3 separate programs, with some of them being original creations and others reviving some of the older programs used in previous years. 

In addition to my awesome guided hike program “Get Your Beak Into Birding,” which I talked about extensively in my 3rd blog, I also utilized the bird skulls here at the Cape to create a bird adaptation table, specifically focusing on beak form and function as well as bird diversity at Cape Perpetua. To make the table more kid-friendly, I also implemented the “Bird Beak Buffet” game, which used various items like spoons, tweezers, and clothespins, to mimic how well certain “beaks” catch different “food” (including food items like sprinkles, rice grains, and goldfish). Overall, this table was very well received, as people got to learn more about how Cape Perpetua can support so many bird families and some cool facts about the local forest and sea birds. 

One of the other projects I picked up during the season was a tide pool table. The table included some pictures of the most common invertebrates people could find at the pools, a diagram explaining how tides work, and a Tide Pool Bingo activity I created. The program also focused heavily on the importance of Black Oystercatchers, the threatened Sunflower Sea Star, and the Pacific Tree Frog (which uses the tide pools to lay its eggs). Like the bird adaptation table, this program was a success – the visitors appeared to be very interested in learning more about the animals that reside in one of the most popular attractions at Cape Perpetua.  

All in all, I am very happy that I was able to develop multiple successful programs about the things I am most passionate about. My guided hike opened the doors for me to develop a newfound love and appreciation for birds, which ultimately led to me finding the motivation to explore my interests more and share what I know with others.

And although I am a bit sad that my time at the Siuslaw is coming to an end very soon, I am extremely excited to see what the rest of my internship has in store! 

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