Beach Seining with NOAA

Arms for Days

Have y’all ever had to drag seagrass into the shore? Well, I have and I could one hundred percent say that the sea can have its seaweed back. Beach seining is a method of fishing that involves a giant net being thrown into the water and then dragged onto the shore. This technique involves two people at each side of the net, bringing it in at the same time to stop fish from escaping. For this project, I got to work with NOAA to help them capture cutthroat trout for pit tagging. This was my first-time beach seining and I was excited to gain some new skills. By the end of the day, I had a newly found appreciation for the NOAA team, this job is not for the weak. I do not remember when the last time my arms were that sore. Even though this was tough work I had a blast searching for the critters that we had caught, beside cutthroats we managed to catch some rock gunnel, crabs, and lots of shiner perch. It was nice to go do something different from my usual routine and build new connections with other partners. I even ended up coming back a few more times, though these times I did not struggle too much with the seaweed. I even got to practice my fish-identifying skills with the help of Sarah. I would like to thank everyone on board, especially Anna for allowing me to be part of the project.  If anyone gets the chance to go beach seining I say go for it since it is so much fun and it is also a good workout. Also, reach out of your comfort zone and connect with different partners and organizations, you never know where you will be working in the future.

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