Upward and Onward!

As the journey continues, I was able to get my link pass which has given me access to a lot more applications as a program support assistant. I’ve been working with the LEOS and FPOs to get needed documents to make sure their trainings and certifications are up to date. When not working on documentation I’ve been helping out within NRM managing invoices and sending them off for payment. I have been able to help buy supplies for the officers such as gun safes and protection gear. Though I haven’t been out in the field much my supervisors and I have been talking to the officers so I can get some ride alongs in. We’ve also been working with wildlife biologists and archeologists to get me out there in the field with them too. Lastly, I have been traveling to another district to help out with BWCAW permits. Working with permits has given me a lot of insight into the area since I am not from Minnesota.

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