D.C. RA Engagement Event

In July, the Washington Office’s Research & Development hosted a capstone engagement event in Washington D.C. for the R&D Winter Cohort 2023 Resource Assistants.  I was an incredible opportunity to participate in a unique and eye-opening experience as part of the Resource Assistant Program. We gathered in Washington, D.C., our nation’s capital, for an enriching event that not only broadened our perspectives but also ignited our passion for the Forest Service and its diverse career paths.


The R&D RA cohort 2023 meeting Chief Randy Moore.
Meeting Angela Angela Coleman.

The event aimed to provide us with a holistic understanding of the broader Forest Service and the USDA. And the primary goal of this capstone event was to immerse us in the larger Forest Service ecosystem. To achieve this, we engaged with leaders and professionals from a multitude of mission areas, including Business Operations, International Programs, Legislative Affairs, Communications, Research and Development, National Forest System, State, Private, and Tribal Forestry, Work Environment Performance Office, and many more. This diverse exposure allowed us to witness the breadth and depth of career possibilities within the Forest Service.

A particularly exciting aspect of the week was our attendance at the Deputy Chief’s Awards, a momentous occasion where excellence and dedication within the Forest Service were celebrated. And an pivotal aspect of the event was the interaction with the Forest Service Research Executive Team (FSRET), a gathering of national leaders who play a crucial role in shaping the organization’s future. Engaging with these leaders firsthand provided us with insights into their individual career journeys and the impact they’ve made.


This week-long immersion left an indelible mark on my perspective. The exposure to diverse career paths and the chance to interact with accomplished leaders left me not only inspired but also deeply encouraged to continue my journey with the Forest Service. Witnessing firsthand the dedication of these professionals to the stewardship of our natural resources was a powerful reminder of the profound impact a career with the Forest Service can have.

Meeting Smokey Bear.
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