MN to CA

Last night of my drive was spent in Tahoe National Forest!

The last month has been quite exciting for me, both in terms of work and life! I’ve taken on a few more side projects for the climate hub, and they’ve allowed me to utilize my more creative design skills. I just finished up making a video tutorial on how to access coastal forest dieback geospatial layers (ghost forests), and I’m in the final stages of developing a cool infographic based on a publication about coastal forest vulnerability to sea level rise. Being able to work on different kinds of projects has made all the difference when working remotely— it keeps me on my toes!


As for the life part— 2 weeks ago, I moved out of my Minnesota house and drove to Monterey, California, where I’m dog sitting for the next 2 months! I wanted to take advantage of the remote aspect of this position, which allows me to hop around a bit more. On my 32 hour drive through South Dakota, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, and California, I passed by several national forests, and witnessing the change in landscape each day was so cool!

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