Hi, my name is Janet Flores and I just graduated from Willamette University with a Bachelor of Arts in Biology and Latin American Studies with a minor in Global Studies. During my undergrad years, I did various research on the white-breasted slender-billed nuthatch bird, anna/rufous hummingbirds, and other Willamette Valley birds. I have also worked with white oak trees and bee research to find new species. I have also done some science art with birds focusing more on my artistic side. I was also involved heavily in my community by working with kids with the Boys and Girls Club, science community outreach, and working with immigrant and farm worker families. Besides research and community outreach, I also like to focus on my overall health by making sure I have time to work out and go on hikes or play tennis. I also enjoy spending my time with my partner and going out to the movies or traveling together:) I am located at the Ankeny Hill Nature Center in the Willamette Valley, part of the Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge. The center provides multiple educational environments, including the Nature Explore area for kids, refuge overlooks, learning stations, and discovery elements throughout the Refuge. It is located next to l-5 on Ankeny Hill 25 minutes south of Salem. I have been familiar with the refuge because I did a few projects at the complex in the past with my professor on birds and identification. Since the nature center is still new we have an outdoor and indoor classroom for folx who want to reserve the space for educational purposes. We do have about a 0.7-mile trail that folx can walk on and a pollinator patch to explore for kids and families. The center is volunteer run so no employees besides myself and my supervisor are there. I am looking forward to working here with them learning more about the complex and building connections. 

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