Work is picking up with the National Partnership Office (NPO)

My Cozy office got a chair upgrade!

Good Afternoon, Everyone!

Congrats to all the RAP 7 interns for doing their best work for another month. Now that September has arrived, work has been picking up and training has just finished for us on data entry. We sat in for an 8-hour virtual class for 4 days on understanding how to enter funding and accomplishments that regional forests achieved and how to reflect the information into maps. The purpose of the training was to give assistance to other regions while simultaneously completing projects for our office. I’m looking forward to the networking opportunities that will come from working with the other regions.

In other news, The NPO retreat is coming soon and I am looking forward to it. The itinerary will consist of exploring a forest that we will be doing data entry on, and gaining a further understanding of why our work is important. Our positions keep us behind a screen across the country so it will be a great change of pace to see everyone in person in a different setting. I find it rewarding to be able to travel for work so I am always excited for opportunities like this.

I hope everyone had a great Labor Day and is ready to get back to serving our forests! I can’t wait to take pictures at the retreat. On a side note, I’m finalizing on getting that boat for the eventual row to Yates one day.

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