Life as an Law enforcement officer intern part 3

Now entering my 3rd month of my internship with the Forest Service. Yet still, this experience has been amazing. I had an opportunity to investigate a fire in Payson. Which was probably one of the most interesting I’ve done so far. We are still investigating the cause of the fire. During this month, I also had the opportunity to get training in CPR and first aid. Later in the month, I had an opportunity to meet some of the firefighters and observed them perform their duties as they put out a car fire on the side of the road. As a law enforcement officer for the forest service, fire is something we take very seriously due to the extreme damage can cause to wildlife and vegetation.

Area of origin for the Brady fire in Payson, Arizona.
Investigating the origin of fire at the brady fire
Car fire on highway 87 north bound toward mile post 222
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