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Beautiful Colorado this past June

Hello, all! It is hard to believe that it is already fall. Just in my own backyard, I can feel this transition in a pool, where outdoor swimming has given way to indoor swimming only. As noted by Johnny, my peers and in the National Partnership Office just finished our week-long FACTS training, which was arduous yet rewarding. In two weeks, we will be heading West again for our office’s retreat in Reno, Nevada. In my personal work, the time has begun for me to consider where I would like to be long term. I currently divide my time between Pennsylvania and the Washington, DC area, and work with the National Partnership Office based in DC. And yet, as a mountain gal at heart, a significant part of me wishes to move West eventually. I know that much of US Forest Activity takes place out West, and I would love to be part of that. Yet a challenge with that is I would be upending my life for a new beginning, and with new beginnings bring uncertainty. Uncertainty brings both a sense of excitement, but also anxiety. In the meantime, I choose to focus on my work in the present day, and weigh my options carefully with the knowledge that things will be ok in the long run. 

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