Tell everyone about your main project

My main project at the Ankeny Hill Park is creating a large event that the kids at the Boys and Girls Club can participate in. The goal for the event is to make more people aware of our recently opened Nature Center and showcase its value as a resource to the general public, making them feel more comfortable visiting and familiar with the Center. Our target audience for this event is mainly the Boys and Girls Club. The vision the Boys and Girls Club has for their kids is quite clear. Their mission is to help all youth reach their full potential as productive, caring, and responsible citizens. Their vision is an extension of these ideals. They want every youth that enters their club to be on track to graduate with a plan for the future, demonstrating good character and citizenship, and living a healthy lifestyle. The event with all its activities directly coincides with the mission and vision the club has for their kids. From learning more about conservation to help them become more responsible and caring citizens, to showing how they can demonstrate good character through their participation, both in their effort for the art contest and participating during the lessons regarding conservation and wildlife. As the Ankeny Hill Nature Center stands right now, I believe we should gear our efforts toward reaching out to more people of color and low-income families to visit the facility through a series of recurring art competitions. Another problem we face is that many are not aware of the Nature Centers’ existence nor its purpose and usefulness as a resource because it is a relatively new refuge and far out. We will have each kid draw and paint on canvases. We will have a designated picture of the animal or insect we want them to draw. Reach out to the Boys and Girls Club to propose how we want to partner up with them to host our art competitions. Decide whether our first event should be at the club or the center. Once that’s established, gather up the materials we would need like brushes, canvases, and paint.. Decide on a date and time. Have them look at the inspo and recreate it in their own way, we will be scoring each painting by creativity, accuracy, and beauty. The winner will be decided by either staff members and volunteers, and contestants’ art will also be on the site so people who don’t have IG can still vote. Sidenote: Have the winner and their canvas on the bulletin board or inside the classroom, either switch out or keep adding more winners until it’s full. Potentially doing something like a small lesson plan about the insect or animal during/after/before the event. Print out vinyl stickers with our logo. We will hand out these stickers once they’re printed out at the site. Then we can visit the club to hand out the stickers. Rinse and repeat the event as needed.

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