August Slipped Away…

So, the summer has come to an end, as many of the blogs here have reflected.

Then August really did slip away, and with it, the end of the beginning.

Soon, I will be halfway through my internship. It’s crazy to imagine that, as I feel I have so much left to do, yet I have done so much already, too. I have grown more accustomed to the city I live in and the nature here continues to surprise me at every turn. In August, I got to return to some areas in the forest I had been to before, and it was interesting to see how I felt differently this time around. More confident, at (slight) ease. I was introduced to a group of folks my mentor usually takes on hikes, and thus got to learn from veteran local naturalists, as well as admire their passion and knowledge for the Blue Ridge (this was the Blue Ridge Naturalist Network).

I also got to explore the local community more, further from Asheville. Just 30 minutes south, in Hendersonville, NC, they throw an Apple Festival this time of year. Local apple farmers come to sell their wares and plenty of apple treats are sold. I had a blast trying some apple pie ice cream, apple slush, and some homemade apple pie!

Currently, I am feeling very grateful for this past summer and the chance to get to live and work in such a beautiful area. I am learning and exploring much, and excited to see what comes with the Fall and Winter season.

(Enjoy these lovely photos, from my August journeys, below!)

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