Attending the 25th Anniversary of The Lewis and Clarke Center

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During my tenure as a resource assistant, I have had the opportunity to attend several events. One of my favorites was the 25th Anniversary of the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center in Great Falls, Montana.

The Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center describes the history of the Lewis and Clark expedition, with a focus on the challenges that the expedition faced while having to potage around the great falls. The center is along the Missouri river, with a view of the route that Lewis and Clark took. The main building spans 25,000 square feet, and includes a theater, a permanent exhibition hall, and a store. It is a beautiful space that makes history come alive.

My mentor and I, in addition to attending, got to show around someone from the Washington Office and someone from region 4. I personally spent my time at the anniversary celebration between shadowing some of the meetings that the others had with the LCIC employees and partnership organization and taking photographs of the celebration to help compile a report.

We arrived on Thursday, the day before the celebration started, to help us all get settled. We had a few issues with travel (our Washington Office colleague’s flight got rescheduled, and she had a heck of a time getting to us), but things went very well otherwise. We spent most of the first two days (the day before the anniversary celebration and the first day of the anniversary celebration) in meetings.

The 25th anniversary celebration was amazing. The first day included a guided hike to Lewis and Clark Pass on the continental divide, a swivel gun demonstration with Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center staff, and an atlatl demonstration. The second day included a beaver skinning demonstration, a livestock packing demonstration, Salish Kootenai Fancy Dancer demonstrations, and an academic presentation on the Lewis and Clark expedition and the expansion of Western commerce. On the third day, there was a guided hike to Sulphur Springs, an appearance by Smokey, a bison use presentation by Blackfoot Elder Dugan Coburn, and a Native Diplomacy program.

I was able to attend a myriad of events Friday afternoon, Saturday, and Sunday. Friday, I got to attend the academic presentation on how the Corps of Discovery influenced the economy of the American West. It was an engaging and insightful presentation, and I learned a lot. On Saturday, I was tasked with taking pictures of the events and interviewing volunteers for later publications. I got to see the livestock packing demonstration, and the Salish Kootenai Fancy Dancers, which were both amazing. On Sunday, I mostly walked around and looked at some of the demonstrations of some of the technologies that were available to the expedition.

I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to attend.

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