An Eventful Month!

Lover’s Point Park in California (where I’ve been living for the past month)

Despite working entirely remotely, things have been picking up and getting very exciting for me! One of my projects (an infographic on coastal forest vulnerability to sea level rise, based on a publication written in collaboration with the Rutgers Climate Institute) was recently approved by all authors and was published on the climate hub website alongside another project I worked on (geospatial layer access video tutorial). It’s quite rewarding to see these projects published after many hours of working, editing, and more. I’ve also made some huge progress on my biochar project— I’ve been able to meet with and interview farmers over Zoom and talk about their experiences using biochar. The maps and story map are gradually becoming more and more complete! In a few weeks, I’ll be off to Milford, PA for a meeting/retreat with the rest of the Northeast Climate Hub members. I’m really looking forward to traveling and finally meeting everyone!

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