Canoemobile and Websites

September was a busy month for me! My supervisor was gone on fire the whole month, but I was able to stay occupied with the projects we have going on. I finished creating our Region 9 Volunteer and Services SharePoint Site that will be used to provide information and resources to volunteer coordinators and other related program employees. We are now waiting on the web team to finish the design of this site and put it up for employees to access. I also began working on our Region 9 Volunteer and Services external website for volunteers to find information and opportunities. I’m very excited to see all the work I’ve done launch and be available for the public and for employees. This month I was also able to attend and help out at an event with the Urban Connections team in my region. This event was Canoemobile in Milwaukee. Another Resource Assistant and I led a station where we had the kids look at “tree cookies” and count the rings with a magnifying glass to identify how old the tree was. We had kids from elementary, middle, and high schools and they all really enjoyed it. The kids also got to go out on a small pond in canoes which looked really fun. I was super excited to be a part of this event and I’m definitely going to try to help out at more events in the future! I’m continuing to learn so much, connect with great people, and have meaningful experiences as a Resource Assistant!

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