Adaptation workbook #1

Halfway mark!

the peak

I am at the peak of my internship, not in terms of how amazing it is but in terms of time. It has always been exciting. I have done s much in the last 4 months from attending workshops, working on national webpage projects, and ensuring effecting science communication to the agricultural communities of Puerto Rico.

I am realizing how many key takeaways I have made. One of them being about the relationship between our teams work and the people we impact. Puerto Rico has many agricultural communities. For these communities, farmers and agricultural workers depend on the Caribbean climate hub guides and information through tabling events such as the OneUSDA and workbook workshops . These workshops have been amazing to contribute to during my internship because of the one-on-one communication with the communities we serve. Learning about each farm and farmers revealing their unique stories and challenges in the face of climate change and extreme weather events such as hurricanes which are frequent in the Caribbean has been insightful and powerful. Having the opportunity to understand how US forest service and USDA serve these communities through the lens of the EFTA internship has been amazing.

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