Fall is upon us

Fall is upon us, which means that clouds are replacing the sun, and leaves are going from green to red. It seems like only yesterday, it was mid-June. Recently, the NPO had a staff retreat in the Reno-Tahoe region, which was an enlightening experience. During this retreat, we did an activity where we sorted into different leadership styles (activist, analyst, nurturer, visionary) and I ended up in the activist sorting. To be honest, I’m sure we all have elements of all 4 in us. I would still say I sorted into the activist cohort though because I feel driven by an internal sense of belief, and willingness to stand up for what I think is right and should be done. Others on the team sorted into the various 4 groupings: I feel all 4 styles, and each of us individually, brings our own unique strengths to a team. 

In my internship, I was able to polish up my geo-referencing skills, trained on the Forest Service’s FACTS system, and have continued to improve my GIS skills with the guidance of others. Throughout my time, I’ve realized that I do really enjoy doing GIS work, and seeing how changes and phenomena can be represented, and analyzed, spatially. However, I’ve also realized that I also have a lot of more activist and visionary energy, and enjoy using words as a medium of expression. So I hope going forward, to be able to hone my creative (nature photography, novel ideas and ways of doing things, etc) and rhetorical skills as well. Perhaps I can integrate all of these skills in different ways going forward. 

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