Programming with Glaciers

Engaging with the public can be so rewarding in a national forest like the Chugach. Everyone is amazed and astounded by the glaciers that can be found here. They are eager to learn about them and I am equally as eager to educate them. Every day brings in new people, new experiences, and lots of facts to talk about. My favorite interpretation program is on the MV Ptarmigan, which takes visitors on Portage lake up to the Portage Glacier. We present a program that discusses glacial silt, the history of Maynard Mountain, the Indigenous people of our forest, and, of course, the formation of glaciers. The views of the mountains and glaciers are breathtaking and have a particular way of making you feel small. We also present on the trains with the Alaska Railroad. On the trip up to the Grandview Whistlestop, we narrate and are able to see three glaciers, including Spencer, Bartlett, and Trail glaciers. We also narrate a hike up to Spencer glacier, which was the first program I presented out here in Alaska. Spencer has some of the largest lake icebergs that I’ve ever seen, and they never fail to impress. On this hike, I get to discuss animals, glacial succession, and the Placer River. We also narrate on larger boats that dock out of Whittier, such as the 26 Glacier Cruise and The Glacier Quest Cruise. I have shadowed on them before, but I am still making my way up to those because they are 4+ hours of narration.

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