Outreach at the NC State Fair

Outreach at the NC State Fair

Hello again!

The Southeast Climate Hub went to the NC State Fair this past week and it was another great outreach event in the books. In four days, we interacted with over 2,100 people! We connected with and gave resources to tons of farmers, ranchers, foresters, and educators. And the Spin-to-Win wheel (which our supervisor renamed the Wheel of Climate Change) was a huge hit again.

Many of my coworkers from the Hub came out to help during the fair. This was awesome for many reasons:

1) they got to interact with kids and parents and teach them a bit about the Hub and the environment, 2) I got to explore the fair a bit more than I got to in Virginia, and 3) having friends around makes everything better! 

They all said they had a ton of fun and it was nice to get out of the office and talk to people about what we do. It is eye opening and gratifying to see the work you are doing be utilized by real people. I feel like this is sometimes forgotten on long days in front of a computer.

In addition to engaging fairgoers at our booth which was graciously provided for us by the NC Forest Service (shout out to them for being an incredible partner and host!), a fellow Climate RA and I ventured into the fairgrounds looking for producers, foresters, and ranchers to see if we could tell them a bit about the Southeast Climate Hub and the resources we have to help them manage their lands in a changing climate. We found two enormous livestock buildings where we watched the 4-H kids show sheep and cows which was so fun. And we found several booths being worked by producers. It was awesome to connect with them and share information, stories, and resources with each other. This work is so rewarding because you know you are helping people.

This was the last State Fair we are attending in 2023; hopefully there will be more in 2024! Until next time!

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