Maps, oh my!

The view from the dock at Brice Creek.

Hey y’all! This is just a quick update on what I’ve been up to this past month. I’ve learned so much in just one month. I’ve worked on one map project after another every week, and it’s exciting to create new products that could benefit the public in the future. A few types I’ve worked on are prescribed burn areas, special interest areas, botany, timber stands, and recreational areas. I can’t show them, but I promise they look good! It’s amazing how quickly you can familiarize yourself with locations when you’re staring at and creating maps all day.

As a GIS intern, I’m sort of glued to my desk most of the time. It’s not so bad when you have a nice monitor, chair, and overall set up. But thankfully, my mentor and supervisor have agreed that it wouldn’t hurt to get out and walk around the national forest. My latest visit was to Brice Creek. We weren’t able to go on the water, but there was a dock and lookout area to view the creek from. It was great to be able to put a place to the picture when I’m working on the maps. I hope I’m able to do more site visits in the near future!

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