What am I doing here? Saguaro monitoring, buffel Grass, the desert tortoise? Yes.

Getting hands-on experience with wildlife telemetry.

Howdy and welcome back! I will be talking about the work I will be doing as part of the Saguaro National Park Diversity Conservation Crop. Well, the first thing we did was condense that long formal name to Saguaro Youth to a team name of the Cactus Crew, a much cooler name. As climate change goes on, Saguaro NP must address and adapt to the risk it poses with rising temperatures and drought. I will be assisting the Natural Resource Management division in countering this with conservation actions. That can be monitoring Saguaro cacti for the ongoing research of growth and adaptations. I am also removing and tracking the invasive species of Buffelgrass, in turn, will restore habitats to their historic range of variability. Another task is to modify fencing to enhance wildlife connectivity. We are also doing an outreach pop-up event for the World Migratory Bird Day highlighting the importance of water and hummingbirds. Finally, one of my favorites is Desert Tortoise monitoring. I come from the Natural Resources Management degree side with forestry experience, the wildlife biology side is new to me. The Desert Tortoise study is looking at where, when, and how often these animals move. To track these small tortoises in a vast space we use telemetry to find them. Telemetry is where we use an antenna and headphones to locate their location via radio frequencies. Every week brings new knowledge. I am looking forward to the wilderness first aid training coming up.

While clearing vegetation for fencing modifications this brave fella stood their ground. A good reminder to check every nook and cranny while working.
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