To San Francisco!

~ If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair ~ are the words I heard while driving into the Bay Area. I added the song to my road trip playlist while my mom was singing the lyrics the night before my big drive. A few weeks ago I completed an internship with Environment for the Americas’ Mosaics in Science Program at Glacier National Park where I researched the soundscape, which is the audible sounds within an area. My project focused on noise pollution in a park known for its landscapes, wildlife, and backcountry trails. Soon I would be in a park known for being a refuge from urban life and I was excited to learn about how Golden Gate National Recreation Area makes natural spaces accessible to people living in cities. While working as an intern here I will be doing habitat restoration projects including revegetation, wildlife, and more in San Mateo County. At the end of the first week of my internship I went to Mount Tamalpais State Park with interns from my cohort, where we hiked from the mountains to the beach and back, which ended up being about 10 miles. I love seeing how the local, state, and national park systems each take part in providing people with access to the outdoors. Although I have yet to wear some flowers in my hair, I’m happy to say I made it to San Francisco.

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