Exploring Alaska in the Offseason

I was definitely worried about how I would get around such a large state without a car when I first arrived in Alaska. Luckily, one of my coworkers/roommates Stephen had been here a couple seasons before and always drove his car through the Yukon at the beginning of the season in order to have it here. This ended up being a lifesaver for our little group in the bunkhouse and allowed us to travel all around our area. Obviously, I’ve been to Anchorage numerous times and there are fun things to do there, but my favorite things are The Alaska Zoo and The Native Heritage Center. I have also been to Palmer, where the state fair was held, and Talkeetna, which has a beautiful view of Denali. South of Girdwood, I have also visited Hope for hikes and Seward, which has the Sealife Center and Major Marine boat tours. I was happy we could make it work visiting so many areas with our differing work schedules and limited time!

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