NAI Training in Yellowstone

I had the opportunity to get my CIG certification in Yellowstone! The NAI CIG certification is used by interpreters to display their ability to build an effective program that engages the public. It is an asset that I plan on using as I work towards my permanent position. I had never been to Yellowstone or Montana before so I was very excited to be there. The training was hosted by Yellowstone Forever, the parks official nonprofit, and they are located in Gardiner, near the North entrance. In addition to learning skills to better my programs, I also got along really well with the staff of YF that was also attending the course. I learned a lot about what Yellowstone values, such as the conservation of their land as well as their animals. I also learned a bit about how they reintroduce and track native animals, such as their famous wolves. Their seasonal culture was actually very relatable to the one here in Alaska, with mostly everyone leaving for the winter time and always guessing which stores have closed already. We got the chance to go on a few hikes as well as shadow some of the Park Rangers programs. I got to see Mammoth, the Terraces, Old Faithful, and a few other areas of the park as well. I also saw so much wildlife. It was truly a remarkable and memorable experience.

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