Workshops galore

At the 5 month mark of this internship and the experience is strong as ever. So many opportunities have came and so many more are sure to come. This past month I spent refining down larger projects and doing creative ones as well. I had the opportunity to attend various workshops for the climate hub team and the USDA. I attended my first OneUSDA in Manatí, Puerto Rico. The experience was everything I anticipated. Community, information, presentations, and networking. Speaking with farmers, agricultural leaders, and green teams from all over the island was awesome in seeing how these different USDA organizations combine, (hence the name OneUsda!). The soil health learning network conducted a presentation illustrating the effects of soil erosion in different soil characteristics. Below is a photo of the historic building where the workshop was held in La Haceinda Esperanza. Great experience. After the workshop, I had time to visit the North coast beaches of Puerto Rico! It was super refreshing after a jam packed and full of adventure day. I hope next month is filled with even more community building. 

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