Greetings from the GGNRA! by Angie Wu

Hiking with my fellow EFTA interns in the Marin Headlands! Top photo (left to right): Danijela, Joe, Dani, and me. Dani taught us how to bird and I identified my first Bufflehead.

Hi there! Welcome to my first blog post. My name is Angie Wu and I am one of the 2023-2034 EFTA interns at Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA). I am from Santa Clarita, California and I studied Molecular Environmental Biology and Geography at UC Berkeley (Go Bears!). In school, I was lucky enough to participate in a few different research projects that exposed me to different sides of plant science and ecology, and eventually found deep interest in plant physiological ecology, functional trait ecology, and above-/below-ground relations in woody plants. I am really excited about this internship because I love working outside and with people, and am eager to apply the things I’ve learned in the lab, field, and classroom to hands-on projects in restoration and conservation throughout San Francisco. In my free time, I enjoy reading, listening to music, and paddling on outrigger canoes and dragon boats.

For this next year, I will be working on restoring habitats and monitoring plants under my mentor Michael Chassé and with John Spanos! We are a small but mighty team, and we rely on the help of our awesome volunteers to help us with our projects. Last week was my very first week interning with them and I have already learned so much! In addition to gaining experience in restoration and natural resource management, I am also learning a lot about the rich natural and cultural history of the San Francisco Bay Area and the GGRNA, which I am finding is equally as important to consider when forming our management plans. Outside of work, I have also been getting to know my fellow EFTA interns and the cool work that they do. We went on some hikes together and have had a couple of game nights here and there. Everyone is so talented and fun to hang out with.

I’m super stoked to see what else this year has in store. Goodbye for now!

Michael (my supervisor!!) and I checking out some dunes at Baker Beach! We saw a bunch of Beach Morning Glory.

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