Mission to the Ocala NF in Florida

Hello! I had this wonderful opportunity to travel the Ocala National Forest in Florida in November with my team. We, the Disaster Assistance Recover Team (DART), were invited by the District Ranger to form a consult on their springs that had been damaged by two hurricanes. The visit took place within the span of a week. We started with a 10 hour drive to our destination with an obligatory stop at the Buc-ee’s in South Carolina since my coworkers had never stopped at one before.

Unfortunately for us, it rained the entire week were visiting. Either way, the springs were a beautiful recreation site to visit. We went to four springs: Alexander Springs, Juniper Springs, Silver Glen Spring, and Salt Spring. Each site was so unique and so beautiful, but you could understand the damage that had happened. After a day of site visits, the team created a rough draft of a recovery plan for the Ocala National Forest. This was a long day, but it was worth it! Our team had created a draft and on the last day we worked with the specialists of the Ocala National Forest to gain more of the details for the plan. After three hard working days, we had to return to our duty station.

The mission was an interesting, beautiful, and accomplishing experience! I enjoy working with the DART, and I look forward to future projects either at our home station or in other forests across the region.

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