What is it like to join Saguaro Conservation corps?

Plot Twist: best learning and working experience

When joining I was extremely excited with what they described internship would be like, housing, and working outdoors for the Saguaro National Park. Without this internship I would never have been able to experience traveling to Arizona, finding a great team to work with, building professional connections, and gaining unique field skills. EFTA really takes great care of their internships making sure that you arrive okay, breaking ice amongst the crew, and coordinating a week of welcoming activities. Then you’re in the hands of what the Park needs, you learn what is expected of you and you are able to work alongside desert knowledge experts. 

Crew Member Angelika and Sarahi getting ready to drive to work in the morning.
Crew Members Jacqueline, Angelika and Sarahi hiking in the rain.
Crew Member Lucero hangs over a rainwater pool looking for dragonfly larva
Crew Member Lucero hangs over a rainwater pool looking for dragonfly larva.
Crew Lead Diana identifying dragonfly larva
Crew Lead Diana identifying dragonfly larva.

There were many projects going on at the park, some of those include, Saguaro Cactus growth monitoring, Tortoise Radio telemetry, clearing out fences to help animal passages, and many more projects that help contribute to the effort allowing the park to be available for the people of the future.  

When you’re not working, you’re able to volunteer, explore the city, or enjoy nature all around. Tucson is a wonderful city with many events bringing community together and many local shops with so many things to see such as handmade jewelry, indigenous art and history, and delicious food.  

Posing in front of Saguaro Cactus left to right: Stephan, Jacqueline, Diana, Lucero, Mario, Vivian, Sarahi, Angelika

This internship has been a wonderful experience and I hope it continues to touch many more individuals and help them in their journey of saving and working for the environment. 

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