Getting stuck in the snow, aka just winter things in Girdwood, AK

My work with the Chugach NF during the winter in Alaska has been made up of small, odd projects. It’s enjoyable because I never really know what I’m going to be up to week to week. Recently, I drove around all of Anchorage to put up outreach posters for the upcoming season so that we can have as big of a pool of applicants as possible. The next week, I was in Whittier helping move boats and test them out in the canal for one last time before the spring. That ended up being an entire adventure because one of the boat engines ended up stalling and we had to be towed back to port by some very nice samaritans. I have also had the opportunity to do some dog sitting, which has provided a break from the bunkhouse and some furry company. This week we’re having our office holiday party and decorating!

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